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Literal Architecture: 12 Awful Buildings Designed to Look Like Other


The Asahi building wasn't designed with sperm in mind and the deYoung Museum architects don't have George Lucas to thank for their design. That said, the Chinese coin, Thai elephant, and Chinese piano-violin buildings


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White Elephant Buildings! September 26, 2011. Architecture, Design. Kimmel Center – Philadelphia. The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia which started as a $60 million project in 1987 languished for years with anemic fund raising until then


The BBC's Great White Elephant–How New Media Buildings


One of the things that makes me proud to be British is the good old BBC. As well as providing the nation with ad-free TV, radio and Internet, the Beeb, or Auntie, as it is nicknamed, also broadcasts around the world, providing


Northrop Auditorium, a U icon and white elephant, transforming for


The University of Minnesota's Northrop Memorial Auditorium has been described as "the Carnegie Hall of the Midwest," "a major icon," an "architectural treasure" and "the second-most-recognized building in Minnesota.


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Where's Yer White People Now? On 'Saving' Egypt · Too Long in Exile: ADB's Kuroda Next BoJ Guv'nor? Japanese Stimulus: Enough White Elephants Yet? …. Throw in various ports and stations used once in a blue moon and you have white elephant projects up the wazoo. Japan's construction workforce is also shrinking: today it is a third smaller than in 1997 and building firms are already having trouble finding workers to rebuild areas from the 2011 disaster.


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Besides my penchant for architecture and anything of the sort, I have always had a fascination with aviation. Civil aviation to be more precise. I like to fly, and it is often the best part of any trip that I take. Whether it is the plane,


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The term white elephant may be completely misrepresented when used to describe ugly structures. You must be the judge as to what is a real white elephant.