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Unlike many cities known for their historical architecture, many of the buildings in the Downtown area before 1871 were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire. One of the most famous buildings that survived was the famous


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Thinking on this idea of preservation, I decided to tour Chicago to find some buildings that were saved from the wrecking ball. On my quest I began with a famous landmark of Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center. Walking


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the company responsible for many of Chicago's most famous buildings. From Beaux-Arts to Chicago Style to Art Deco, they grew and changed with trending architectural styles and philosophies, and gave us such familiar and


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Chicago's Famous Buildings A Photographic Guide. Aug 2012. 13. posted by citylab in graphic design, Uncategorized · No comments. Chicagos famous buildings front3. Arthur Siegal Editor, 1971. Gorgeous minimalist cover


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The piers are “pinned” to the roofline by ornamental cartouches, a visual technique used by Louis Sullivan in several famous commercial buildings, including Chicago's Gage Building. Pullman Couch's initials (PCCo) were


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Chicago is a beautiful city with lots to see! Whether you're here for the breathtaking architecture and abundance of history or you came to feast on all of the famous dishes, you're in for a real treat. While you can see all and do


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There are many famous buildings in Chicago. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and 2.7 million people live in this city. If you decide to visit the “Windy City,” take a tour and explore some of the best built structures in the world